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Vegetarian Butcher Founders to Transform Dairy with New Brand Those Vegan Cowboys

Jaap Korteweg and Niko Koffeman, founders of Dutch meat alternatives brand The Vegetarian Butcher, have announced that they will turn their attention to developing dairy alternatives. Their new company, Those Vegan Cowboys, seeks to make dairy products without the “unnecessarily painful” use of cows.


The Vegetarian Butcher CEO Jaap Korteweg

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The Vegetarian Butcher: “Taste Experience is the Most Important Thing to Us.”

From meat lover to convinced vegetarian – this is Jaap Korteweg’s story and the reason for starting “The Vegetarian Butcher“. While Jaap became vegetarian, there was one thing he didn’t want to miss on his plate: The real meat taste. Therefore, he is producing vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives that taste like their meaty originals. And there is more interesting news to come, as he told us in our interview about his company and concept.


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Products & Launches

The Vegetarian Butcher: New Vegan Smoked Sausage

The Vegetarian Butcher, a Dutch manufacturer of vegan meat alternatives, will launch a vegan smoked sausage in October 2018. It will initially be available in Dutch supermarkets. The company had to work long and hard on this new and innovative product. “The fact that we have worked on this product for seven years with sausage manufacturers and flavour specialists shows how important the development of a great smoked sausage is to us in every respect. This was the longest development path in our entire product range. And there’s more to come; we want to launch even more new vegan products in the near future,” says Jaap Korteweg, founder and director of The Vegetarian Butcher. Meanwhile, the vegan manufacturer’s products are available in more than 4,000 …