WNWN debuts the world's first cocoa-free chocolate Easter egg

Image courtesy of WNWN Food Labs

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WNWN Develops the Wegg, “World’s First” Cocoa-Free Chocolate Easter Egg

WNWN Food Labs, a London-based food tech company specialising in chocolate alternatives, announces it has developed the “world’s first” cocoa-free chocolate Easter egg. Dubbed the “Wegg,” WNWN describes the product as a 100g, 15cm high by 10cm wide cocoa-free Easter egg with a malty and “smooth dulce de leche finish,” filled with another cocoa-free choc surprise. WNWN, which claims to be the first to reach the market with cocoa-free chocolate, uses fermentation to transform plant-based whole foods like grains and legumes into delicious, sustainable alternatives to cocoa beans, avoiding issues such as child labour, deforestation, and the carbon footprint related to chocolate production. “Having launched the first cocoa-free chocolate products, we recognised an opportunity to create the first, and currently only, cocoa-free choc egg, to …