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Wildtype Expects to Launch Sushi-Grade Cultivated Salmon in US Restaurants This Year

San Francisco’s Wildtype, which raised an incredible $100 million in Series B last year from investors including Leonardo DiCaprio, says it expects to launch its cultivated sushi-grade salmon in restaurants later this year. Wildtype’s co-founder Justin Kolbeck told IntraFish that the company is waiting to complete the FDA’s pre-market consultation that studies the safety of its cultivated salmon and that when the process concludes, Wildtype will be able to commercialize. If the company receives the FDA’s green light, Wildtype would become one of the first to launch commercially cultivated food in the US. What the No Questions letter means According to Kolbeck, UPSIDE Foods, which received a No Questions letter from the FDA last year for its cultivated chicken, had to complete a similar pre-market …