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Hooters Launches Quorn-Based “Unreal Wings” Across the USA

In what Hooters is calling the “first time on the casual-dining stage,” 318 of its locations across the US  are introducing a Quorn based chicken wing product called the Unreal Wings. This sees a phenomenal start to 2020 for Quorn which has already announced the KFC burger and the Gregg’s vegan steak bake as well as a vegan toastie at Costa Coffee, all in the first week of this year.


Quorn CEO Kevin Brennan

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Quorn: “We Have Seen Growth Step up From 7 to 15 Percent”

Quorn are one of the foremost meat alternatives in Europe and the UK, and have been successfully selling their range of meat-free products since 1985. Due to the sharp increase in demand for vegan products, the Quorn brand recently expanded their production and announced the investment of £7 million in research and development, creating hundreds of new jobs at a facility in Yorkshire.


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Quorn Eliminates Non-Recyclable Packaging Material

Quorn Foods, the leading meat substitute brand in the UK, will phase out 297 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging by the end of July. By 2025, the company plans to use 100% recyclable, reusable and sustainable materials, replacing black plastic containers with opaque white recyclable plastics. The company sells meatless nuggets, sausages, burgers and more worldwide. The black plastics were previously used for products such as “Quorn Mince” and “Pieces”.