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Milk- and Dairy Alternatives

This Week in Alt Dairy News: Innovations Fuel the New Dairy Revolution

This week in alt dairy news, featuring three new innovations from Oatly, Bored Cow, and Remilk. We note Oatly’s oat-based cream cheese launch, not in Sweden but in Philadelphia, where cream cheese is said to be born; Bored Cow launches Bored Cow Original, “the first milk alternative to do it all”; and Remilk’s whey proteins receive safety approval in important and dynamic markets. Dear readers, animal-free dairy is here to stay.  Oatly’s new Philadelphia style cream cheese Oatly has announced a limited release of its newest innovation, an oat-based cream cheese developed by Oatly’s Philadelphia-based food scientists, in the style of the famous Philadelphia spread. The new plant-based cream cheese will launch exclusively in “Philly” before it’s released to the U.S. market later this year. …