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BlueNalu & Nutreco Join Forces to Create Cell Feed Supply Chain for Cultivated Seafood

US-based cultivated seafood company BlueNalu has signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with Nutreco, a global leader in animal nutrition and aquafeed, to establish and scale up a food-grade, cell feed supply chain for cultivated seafood manufacturing. “At Nutreco, it is our purpose to feed the growing global population in a safe and sustainable way, and we understand the important role cell-cultured proteins can play in addressing this global challenge,” said Joost Matthijssen, CSO at Nutreco.  From pharma to food-grade ingredients The agreed collaboration includes an initial phase in which BlueNalu and Nutreco will join forces to reduce cell feed costs. Nutreco will focus on developing its food-grade supply chain infrastructure parallel to BlueNalu’s production phases, which involve goals from pilot-scale development to regulatory stages and …


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BlueNalu: “The World Needs a New Solution. BlueNalu Provides That New Solution”

While giants in cell-based meat are securing higher and higher raises – Mosa Meats receiving $85M, Aleph Farms $105, and Memphis Meats as much as $161. BlueNalu’s impressive $60 million raise this January makes it the most funded company in cell-based seafood, or cellular aquaculture, in which it is the clear global leader. As we reported Monday, in a landmark move, BlueNalu announced an agreement with Europe’s leading frozen foods supplier, Nomad Foods, marking the first agreement in Europe between a CPG company and a cell-cultured seafood company. Pending regulatory approval, this signifies the upcoming arrival of cell-based seafood in Europe, the continent which imports the most conventional seafood than any other in the world. We were delighted to finally speak with CEO Lou Cooperhouse on these …


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BlueNalu Announces First-of-its-Kind Commercialization Strategy and Facility Designs for Large-Scale Production of Cell-Based Seafood

BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company producing seafood directly from fish cells, announced today its commercialization strategy and food facility design schematics for large-scale production. This is the first time that any company has provided facility design schematics illustrating the vision for large-scale production of foods via cellular agriculture or aquaculture.