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The LIVEKINDLY Co Appoints Tyson Foods’ Malik Sadiq as Co-CEO, Launches LikeMeat WOW Chicken Chunks

LIVEKINDLY Collective, a collective of brands including Fry’s, Oumph!, The Dutch Weed Co, and LikeMeat, announces that the latter brand is launching NPD ‘WOW Chicken Chunks’. The news closely follows the appointment of Malik Sadiq, a former Tyson Foods exec with 15 years of experience at the poultry giant, as joint CEO of the collective. Sadiq joined LIVEKINDLY as COO in June of 2021, due to his “affinity with sustainability”, according to a representative from the company. He was appointed to the role of Co-CEO in November along with David Knopf, formerly of Kraft Heinz, who also carries out the role of CFO at the collective. “You would have heard recently that the plant-based meats category is no longer growing. We can confirm otherwise,” comments …