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Marc Coloma: “The Magnitude of the Problem with Animal Ag and Why I Turned to Corporate Initiatives to Solve It”

When I was a teenager I couldn’t understand the way people were treating animals and the planet. This is why I decided to become an activist. I dropped out of high school to dedicate all my time to fighting for what I believe in and leading the regional section of an international animal rights organization.  We achieved some small victories: we changed laws and forced the closure of farms that were operating illegally. But this wasn’t enough to make the problem disappear.  At this point in my life, I realized that the whole food system is broken.  But instead of pointing to the problem, I needed to bring solutions. So I transformed my anger to create Heura and improve the food system.  I understood that …



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This is Meat 2.0 – A System to Revolutionise the Whole Food Industry

Marc Coloma, Co-founder of Heura, cuts an unassuming figure as he walks, smiling, into the restaurant. He stays smiling the entire time and is overall super approachable and laid back. Marc is not a CEO, he is a food activist. This is a man who, at the age of just 29, says he has developed a system that will revolutionise the food industry.