Dr. Mark Post is an expert consultant for FAO's report on food safety

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Food Safety Risks in Cultivated Meat Are Similar to Those of Conventional Meat, Concludes Mark Post For FAO Report

The FAO/WHO Scientific Advice Programme has officially launched a new publication entitled Food Safety Aspects of Cell-Based food. The report offers accurate information and scientific knowledge on cell-based food production to authorities in low- and middle-income countries, to enable them to take any necessary regulatory actions. Furthermore, they can benefit from the experiences of more developed countries by learning from their good practices in this field, explains FAO. Dr. Mark Post, CSO and co-founder of the Dutch company Mosa Meat, who in 2013, revealed the world’s first cultivated burger in London, served on FAO’s technical panel as a consultant expert for the report.  Since more than 100 companies, including Mosa Meat, are already developing cell-based food products ready for commercialization and will be awaiting approval soon, …


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Programme Revealed For 6th International Cultured Meat Conference

The keynote speakers and program have been revealed for the 6th International Scientific Conference on Cultured Meat. This year’s event will take place at Crowne Plaza De Ruiterij in Maastricht, on Sunday, October 11. It will be chaired by Dr Mark Post of cultured meat specialists Mosa Meat, creators of the world’s first cultured hamburger