Rachel Dreskin, CEO of PBFA

Rachel Dreskin ©PBFA


PBFA: “The Plant-Based Foods Industry Represents an Opportunity to Re-Envision How We Feed the World”

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) is a pivotal organization in the plant-based food industry, founded with the mission to promote the expansion and acceptance of plant-based foods. Established in the United States, PBFA advocates for its members, which include plant-based food companies and affiliate organizations. Its primary goals are to improve conditions for plant-based food companies by working on policy initiatives, promoting plant-based products, and addressing regulatory issues that could impact the industry. PBFA also focuses on engagement with retailers and foodservice providers to enhance the distribution and availability of plant-based products, aiming to make them more accessible to consumers. This involves educational efforts and collaborations to improve the understanding of the benefits and potentials of plant-based diets. Rachel Dreskin, CEO of the PBFA …