Plantbased Business Hour

Can We Have a Sustainable Future? With Roger Spitz of Techistential

Roger Spitz (M.Sc., FCA, APF) is an international bestselling author, a celebrated futurist, the president of Techistential (Climate & Foresight Strategy), and the chair of the renowned Disruptive Futures Institute, based in San Francisco. In this episode, they discuss how we can prepare for the disruption ahead and come out financially and consciously better. Specifically, they discuss: How do we have strategic foresight for an adaptive and resilient future? What is a virtuous inflection point and how does it help to achieve critical mass adoption? What is transformation innovation and how does it encourage systems change? What levers are the most effective for systemic change: this may be the most holistic point of all and, thus, perhaps the most complex. What does this mean for …