Azuma Foods has launched a new plant-based fish lineup --- Just Like Fish Series.

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Meat- and Fish Alternatives

Azuma Foods Launches Plant-Based Seafood Range “Future Fish” in Japan

Azuma Foods, a Japanese food manufacturer with over 50 years of experience creating innovative Japanese cuisine, has launched a new plant-based seafood lineup, Future Fish, under its brand Green Surf. The new range comprising tuna, salmon, and squid aims to offer alternatives made without animal ingredients to lessen the strain on marine resources caused by fishing while helping consumers reduce their seafood consumption, says the Japanese food manufacturer. The Azuma Foods R&D team crafted the new plant-based fish alternatives using konjac (a starchy root vegetable) flour, salt, locust bean gum (seeds from the carob tree), and trehalose (a type of sugar) to mimic the authentic taste and texture of real fish. The fishless products come refrigerated and sliced. They can be used in multiple recipes, including sashimi, marinated fish …