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Hooray Foods’ Crispy Vegan Bacon Now Served at All Veggie Grill Locations

Alt-bacon brand Hooray Foods announces its innovative plant-based bacon is now available at Veggie Grill – the world’s leading fast-casual vegan restaurant chain. The bacon can now be ordered at all of Veggie Grill’s 35 US locations. Veggie Grill is featuring the crispy bacon – made from rice flour, pea starch and coconut oil – in a signature vegan BLT Avocado Croissant, with romaine lettuce, sliced tomatoes, Dijonnaise, and mashed avocado on a croissant roll. The bacon is also available as an add-on to a variety of other menu items, such as salads, sandwiches, and sides. “It’s a huge win for us to be able to bring Hooray bacon to a family of restaurants that share our commitment to offering delicious and sustainable plant-based options,” …


Hooray Foods Improved AWESOME Vegan Bacon

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Investments & Finance

Hooray Foods Opens First-Ever WeFunder Campaign to Reach Price Parity with Animal Bacon

Plant-based meat innovator Hooray Foods announces the launch of its first WeFunder equity crowdfunding campaign. Officially opening Jan. 25th, Hooray says the Community Round gives its customers and fans an opportunity to invest for as little as $100 in exchange for company equity and product perks. Ahead of the public launch, the brand says its campaign preview is now live for the company’s biggest supporters.  Wefunder is a platform that allows the general public to invest in pre-IPO startups alongside venture capitalists. Upon reaching this Community Round’s goal of securing $500,000, Hooray says it plans to expand distribution for its innovative plant-based bacon. The company will also increase research and development efforts to help it fill the market gap for indulgent plant-based meats. Achieving price …