Aleph Farms' commercial cultivated beef steak prototype

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Cultivated Meat

Aleph Farms Expands Production Capacity in Israel and Singapore for Cultivated Beef Steaks

Aleph Farms, which claims to be the first company to grow cultivated meat from non-modified cells, has announced strategic manufacturing agreements that will allow the company to scale and further commercialize its cultivated beef steaks in Israel and Singapore. “Israel and Singapore are the first two markets where we intend to launch our cultivated thin-cut steak. Building up production capacity quickly in those locations while keeping capital investment lean provides a clear roadmap to scalability,” said Didier Toubia, CEO and co-founder of Aleph Farms. Both countries are motivated by similar concerns around sustainability, food security, and animal welfare and have been actively fomenting the development and growth of their alt protein industry. Producing in Israel Aleph Farms has announced acquiring a manufacturing facility in Modi’in, Israel, …


seawith banner for its cultivated meat

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SeaWith & Esco Aster Leverage Microalgae to Accelerate Cultivated Meat Production 

Korean biotechnology startup SeaWith recently signed a new partnership to accelerate cultivated meat production with Esco Aster, the “world’s first” biomanufacturer with full regulatory approval for the commercial production of cultivated meat. “…this milestone allows Seawith to take our first step towards globalizing the production of cultivated meat” The proposed agreement will allow Esco Aster to assess and explore SeaWith’s proprietary, cutting-edge microalgae technologies in commercially cultivated meat projects. Dr. Heejae Lee, CTO of SeaWith CTO, commented: “We have been in active discussions with Esco Aster, and this milestone allows Seawith to take our first step towards globalizing the production of cultivated meat. We look forward to creating synergies with world leaders such as Esco Aster.” Leveraging microalgae  Since it was founded in 2019, SeaWith …