Plantbased Business Hour

As Slaughterhouses Shut Down, Tofurky Production Ramps Up

Vegan Veteran, former treehouse dweller and Founder of Tofurky, Seth Tibbott, joins Elysabeth Alfano on the The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss his frustration with meat and dairy bailouts when these companies are indeed making people sick, both from eating the food and by working in their facilities. As Seth says, “It really stinks.”

Tibbott also relates Tofurky’s booming plant-based business, their new factory strategy during Covid-19, the imminent launch of Moocho Cheese, including cheesecake, destined to revolutionize the dairy-free cheese industry and his book, In Search of the Wild Tofurky, How a Business Misfit Pioneered Plant-based Foods Before They Were Cool.  Plus, Felipe Alvalos of Big Love Catering joins the two to talk feeding first responders vegan meals during the crisis.

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Points of note in the full interview are

  1. The keys to ramping up production as Covid-19 (and a great product) awards growth of 30%-40%,
  2. The power of a mission driven company,
  3. An historical perspective, that only Seth can give, of the changing vegan landscape and the predictions for the future.
  4. The characteristics of the growing snack market.

For the full audio interview, click here.  Seth and Elysabeth both sit on the Advisory Board of the National Vegetarian Museum.

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