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Elysabeth Alfano’s Plant-Based Business Hour With Michiel van Deursen

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On the Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano, Michiel van Deursen of Capital V joins Elysabeth to discuss the three “F”s of investing, and his tips for entrepreneurs when seeking investors.  

Plus, tune in to hear his incredible life-affirming, comeback story that turned his world around and put him on the path to vegan investing. An early investor in The Vegetarian Butcher, as well as many established brands, Michiel shares the one thing that he is waiting for that isn’t yet to market.

Vegconomist will be featuring The Plantbased Business Hour interviews every Tuesday and Thursday, so stay tuned for more.  To learn more about The Plantbased Business Hour, click here. Follow Elysabeth on LinkedIn here and PBH here.  This interview was recorded live on the JaneUnChained News Network. 

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