• European Madness, Record-Breaking Veganuary and The Very Good Butchers Get Cheesy

    Every week, Plant-based Business Expert Elysabeth Alfano breaks down the headlines with her review and analysis in the Plantbased Business Minute.  Elysabeth is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, the host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America. She doesn’t use a teleprompter.

    Here is the Plantbased Business Minute for the week ending January 15, 2021

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    Oh, politics are madness and so is the European Dairy Lobby. They are advocating for something called Amendment 171 which, if it passes – it is going to be talked about in the European Union on January 27th – would prohibit plant-based dairy brands from actually showing their products in their advertisements. It would also prohibit them from comparing their carbon footprint to animal products’ carbon footprint.  This goes completely against what the EU supposedly stands for which is the production of sustainable foods.

    My business bottom line here is that empowered consumers use their dollars to buy the products that they want, plant-based products, and they use their voice. So, expect to see hashtags like #StopAM171 and #StopPlantbasedCensorship on socials along with pictures of their favorite plant-based dairy brands.

    Record Veganuary

    All this makes me wonder…did the European Union got the Veganuary memo? Veganuary started in the UK by Matthew Glover. It has now expanded to the US. It is the craze in which people sign up to pledge to go vegan for the month of January. Thus far there are up to 550,000 signatures. That’s ten percent more than half a million and that’s forty percent more than last year.

    My business bottom line here is to get with the plant-based dairy program EU. Get with the plant-based dairy program!

    DrPraegers Plant-Based Pepperoni
    ©Dr Praeger’s

    Who else is getting with the program? It’s retailers that want to cha-ching, cha-ching: make money from plant-based brands.  That’s right, Hooray Foods’ bacon goes to 300 Whole Foods outlets.  Dr. Praeger’s is making plant-based pizza toppings for everybody through food service. Morning Star plant-based breakfast patties go to Dunkin’ Donuts and The Very Good Butchers, well, they are always in the news!  The Canadian plant-based meat company has just purchased the Canadian cheese company, The Cultured Nut.

    My business bottom line here is that about six months ago The Very Good Butchers IPO’d at about twenty-five cents U.S.  Now, their stock price hovers around $6.40. If you got in early, you are happy with those numbers!  The rest of you, do the math.

    The very good butcher
    ©Brodie Frehlich

    That’s the Plantbased Business Minute.  If you would like a deeper dive into plant-based business, please subscribe to the Plantbased Business Hour wherever you get your podcasts. And if you are a small plant-based business or a large meat and dairy company and you are looking to navigate the plant-based landscape, please reach out to me on LinkedIn. My team and I at Plant Powered Consulting are here to help you with media, marketing, communications strategy and so much more.

    Elysabeth Alfano is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America.

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