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Has Plant-based Gone Mainstream? Ask PepsiCo

Every week, Plant-based Business Expert Elysabeth Alfano breaks down the headlines with her review and analysis in the Plantbased Business Minute.  Elysabeth is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, the host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America. She doesn’t use a teleprompter. Here is the Plantbased Business Minute for the week ending January 29, 2021.

2021 is the year that we all ask ourselves, “Will plant-based go mainstream?” Well, let’s ask Pepsico!

Pepsico and Beyond Meat have come together for a joint venture named Planet Partnership. Together they will make plant-based snacks and beverages. Beyond Meat’s stock went up thirty nine percent on the news.

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My business bottom line is this: Look for more strategic partnerships between ‘niche’ plant-based companies and large multinationals which bring deep distribution channels to the table.

Let’s not forget the kids’ table. Dandies vegan marshmallows made by the Chicago Food Company heads to the U.K. with their sweet treat. Dandies is known for their vegan marshmallows which do not include animal products.

My business bottom line is this: Items like gelatin found on ingredients lists are becoming a problem for educated consumers which not only read the labels, but they also look at each ingredient and decide if it is for them. This also includes children whom, last time we checked, said they didn’t want to see their animal friends ground up in their candy.

Just Egg Sous Vide with box
©Eat Just

More sweet news coming from Eat Just, the global plant-based liquid egg company, which is also known for its cultivated meat which was regulated by the country of Singapore last fall. They have joined forces with Cuisine Solutions, a sous vide food company. Together the two will make Eat Just Egg Sous Vide Bites and they will soon be available in four global flavors in the frozen food section.

My business bottom line is this: The egg industry takes it on the face as they get competition from Israel with Zero Egg, India with Evo Foods, globally with Eat Just, and newcomer Grace O’Brien gives them competition coming out of California with Peggs.

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Elysabeth Alfano is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America.



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