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Impossible Goes 100x, Plant & Bean Goes 55K and Oprah, Go Vegan Already

Every week, Plant-based Business Expert Elysabeth Alfano breaks down the headlines with her review and analysis in the Plantbased Business Minute.  Elysabeth is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, the host of  the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America and doesn’t use a teleprompter.

Here is the rundown from her video for the week ending December 18, 2020.

Plant based food manufacturer, Plant & Bean, is opening a 65 acre manufacturing facility that is going to produce 55,000 tonnes of plant-based food. This is happening in the UK.

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My business bottom line here is that when they replicate this to also be in Asia and the U.S., you will see that plant-based prices will start to come down. The ability to scale has long been a bottleneck issue for small plant-based companies, and, thus, prices have remained high. That in 2021 will change and prices will come down.

Things are always up, however, for Impossible Foods. They have released a report saying that in 2020 their retail presence expanded 100-fold and that 2020 has been their best year in the ten years of their existence.

My business bottom line is this: Covid has been an incredible tailwind for all plant-based products and plant-based consumption. My predictions for 2021 are that you are going to see an increase more than two-fold in the rate of consumption of plant-based foods.

Impossible Foods sausage
©Impossible Foods

As we head into the holidays here’s a little bit of fun news. Jelly Belly now has a vegan line in both original and sour. This means their jelly beans don’t have gelatin, otherwise known as crushed animal parts. Who would want that in their candy? Certainly not children. But that is no longer going to be in their Jelly Belly jelly beans. Their flavors are apple, lemon, orange, berry and very cherry.

More fun news, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle has gifted to her gal-pal friend Oprah a plant-based oat milk wellness latte from.  Oprah, on her insta page, has said that she loves the drink that and it is her new drink ‘morning and night.’

My business bottom line here is: Oprah, oh my gosh, go vegan already! You have been toying with the idea since Kathy Freston was on your show over a decade ago. Oprah, go vegan! Oprah, just go vegan!

Clevr brands latte
©Clevr brands

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Elysabeth Alfano is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America.



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