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Omnipork Arrives in the U.S, Vegan Essentials Just Got Bigger and Saks Fifth Avenue Gets with the Program

Every week, Plant-based Business Expert Elysabeth Alfano breaks down the headlines with her review and analysis in the Plantbased Business Minute.  The following is for the week ending April 16, 2021.

Oh, the wait is over. Omnipork is now available in the United States. The plant-based pork product will be available in ten restaurants in three cities: San Francisco, Honolulu, and Los Angeles. Perhaps best known for introducing plant-based pork products to McDonald’s and Starbucks in China, Omnipork products are made of pea, rice, soybean, and shiitake mushrooms.

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My business bottom line is from Shanghai to South Sioux City, Nebraska; from Atlanta to Ljubljana; from Helsinki to Warsaw, plant-based eating is a global phenomenon with global momentum.

Speaking of momentum, Vejii is back in the news, this time touching the deep roots of the vegan community. Vejii is set to buy the longtime trusted voice in vegan retailing, Vegan Essentials. Paraphrasing the co-founder of Vegan Essentials, Ryan Ernster said that Vejii is poised for growth because it now has the largest selection of plant-based goods.

My business bottom line is when the most trusted voice in vegan retailing passes the torch to now the largest vegan retailer online, you know that we have a new era of plant-based eating.


But it’s not just plant-based eating that has a new era. Saks Fifth Avenue has decided to stop selling fur as of the end of 2022 and it closes all of its fur salons as of the end of this year.

My business bottom line is that when Nordstrom did this, they saw a big hike in their stock price. I anticipate that Saks will feel a business boost, as well. On the fashion front, I’ll just say that I’ve seen the videos and yeah-no fur, now way.

My Clubhouse and LinkedIn question for you is, what city in the U.S. do you think buys the most Tofurky roasts? The answer will surprise you! Let me know your guess on Linkedin.

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Until I see you again next week, remember that together we are taking back our health, the health of the planet, and the health of our bottom line.

Elysabeth Alfano is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting and host of the Plantbased Business Hour.



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