• Plant-based Steak, Price Parity and the UK’s Continued Progress

    Every week, Plant-based Business Expert Elysabeth Alfano breaks down the headlines with her review and analysis in the Plantbased Business Minute.  Elysabeth is the founder of Plant Powered Consulting, the host of the Plantbased Business Hour and the Consulting Managing Director, vegconomist, North America.

    Here is the Plantbased Business Minute for the week ending March 12, 2021.

    The wait is over! Plant-based steaks are here! Slovenian company, Juicy Marbles, is now making filet mignon with their special technique of layering fibers such that it mimics muscle texture and fat marbling. In addition, since they control the process, they can bring down the price of these delicacies such that everyone can afford them.

    Juicy Marbles steak
    ©Juicy Marbles

    My business bottom line here is that 2021 is the year of whole cut meats. Not just filet mignon from Juicy Marbles but, also, you’re going to see steaks come onto the market plus chicken. Maybe even down the road lamb and pork.

    Price parity in cell cultivated meat

    Speaking of down the road, by 2030 two studies supported by the Good Food Institute indicate that cellular meat will be at price parity with regular meat by 2030. This means that cultivated meat will not only be lower in land usage, lower in water usage and putting out less greenhouse gas emissions, but also it will be at price parity.

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    My business bottom line here is there is no sane reason that you would ever choose to waste resources like water, land and time when you could have the exact same thing for the same taste and the same price.

    Oatly in the UK

    Oh, the UK how I love you! You remain the epicenter of all things plant-based which is why Oatly is opening its new plant-based milk plant in the UK. It’s set to open in 2023 and Omnipork lands this week in the UK, finally addressing the European need for plant-based pork.

    OmniPork Sausages
    ©The VeganKind / OmniFoods

    My business bottom line here is yes the UK is the epicenter but look for countries like the Netherlands and Germany and basically all of mainstream Europe to follow suit including your friends across the pond.

    My Linkedin and Clubhouse question for the week is do we have crazy stupid venture money? Is there just so much venture money in the plant-based landscape that it makes no sense? Join me on Clubhouse today Friday at 7:30am or hit me up on Linkedin and let me know your answer.

    This has been the Plantbased Business minute.  If you would like a deeper dive into plant-based business, please subscribe to the Plantbased Business Hour wherever you get your podcasts. And if you are a small plant-based business or a large meat and dairy company and you are looking to navigate the plant-based landscape, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.

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