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When Will Beyond Meat Have Price Parity with Meat?  Director of Communications Shira Zackai Responds

Beyond Meat’s Head of Communications, Shira Zackai, discusses the company’s nutritional and planetary impact on The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano.

Specifically, they discuss,

  1. Beyond Meat’s innovation and growth strategy,
  2. The company’s dedication to nutritional advancements,
  3. Scaling internationally and domestically through partnerships.

Here is a short clip and transcript from their conversation. Podcast is here.

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Elysabeth: You have had a plethora of partnerships pop to the forefront of late, but before we dive into your relentless innovation and all the companies that you’re working with and the advanced nutritional profiles, I want to get to the question on everyone’s mind: When will we have price parity?

Shira Zackai: So, you know, we talk a lot about that, and we really believe that in order to get people to truly shift from animal protein to plant-based meat we really need to do three things.

We need to really focus on the taste. Our products need to taste identical to animal meat so, to your point, we keep improving upon the taste with each and every iteration of our product. We also need to continue to reinforce the health attributes of our products.

Beyond Meat Burger - Taco - Hot Dog
©Beyond Meat

So, we’re doing that with each and every iteration as well. We just came out with our newest Beyond Burger right before the summer.  It has 35% less saturated fat, 35% less overall fat, fewer calories than 80/20 beef, and just more iron and lots more nutritional benefits.

And then the third is price. We are working on that, and we’ve actually made a commitment to have one product in one category that’s either priced at parity with its animal meat equivalent or even below by 2024. So that’s our goal and we’re really excited to move that forward.

Elysabeth Alfano is the CEO of VegTech™ Invest, the advisor to the VegTech™ Plant-based Innovation & Climate ETF, EATV. She is also the founder of Plant Powered Consulting and the Host of the Plantbased Business Hour.  

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