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Eat Just, Oatly and More Visit Washington DC to Promote Better Funding for Alt Protein

On Tuesday, a “first of its kind” all-star delegation, featuring representatives from Eat Just, Finless Foods, Impossible Foods, Next Gen Foods and Oatly, assembled in Washington, DC to advocate for increased government funding and updated regulation of alternative proteins. 

“The Good Food Institute is working to create a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative”

The invite-only “Future of Food” event, which also included representatives from the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) and The Good Food Institute (GFI), met with policymakers, regulators and media to discuss America’s leadership in building a more sustainable food system. 

Among the policies discussed, industry leaders recommended the US government prioritize the following actions: 

  • Invest in the future of food through research, development and consumer education.
  • Create a market and regulatory ecosystem that allows for innovation and maintains US competitiveness.
  • Prioritize good jobs and workforce development throughout the supply chain.

Driving economic growth

According to the group, many of the most successful plant-based and cellular agriculture companies are founded and headquartered in the US. With investments and regulatory certainty from the federal government, the alt protein sector could help drive the creation of new jobs and support increased economic growth, the delegation states. 

“The Good Food Institute is working to create a world where alternative proteins are no longer alternative,” said Bruce Friedrich, founder and president of GFI. “We believe the 118th Congress can help make that vision a reality. Along with our industry partners, including the companies that convened on Capitol Hill today, GFI looks forward to sharing its policy priorities with Congressional leaders.”

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A “powerful” opportunity

As Congress and federal agencies prepare for the 2023 Farm Bill, the fiscal year 2024 appropriations cycle and to administer the goals outlined in President Biden’s National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative Executive Order, advocates say officials should pay special attention to the alternative protein sector and its potential to solve some of America’s most urgent issues.

“The US plant-based foods industry is growing fast and PBFA along with the brands that gathered in Washington today, want to ensure that American farmers and rural communities at the core of our food system are reaping the benefits,” said Rachel Dreskin, CEO of PBFA. “The Farm Bill represents a powerful opportunity for policymakers to bolster infrastructure and support farmers to enable them to be active participants and beneficiaries in a more sustainable and resilient food system.”

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