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PBFA Launches New Institute to Drive Transition to Plant-Based Food System

The Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA) announces the launch of a sister non-profit, The Plant Based Foods Institute (PBFI.) Led by food systems experts and industry pioneers, the Institute aims to drive transition to a plant-based food system by advancing key business and policy initiatives. 

“We have the foundation, core values, and expertise to drive change at the global level”

While the PBFA works to expand access to plant-based foods in the marketplace, PBFI’s goal is to cultivate solutions that shift government policies, agricultural practices, and demand toward a regenerative plant-based food system. To accomplish this, the organization will work with stakeholders to identify and implement effective strategies and approaches. Its board members include:

  • Rachel Dreskin, CEO, PBFI and PBFA
  • Jaime Athos, CEO, The Tofurky Company
  • Matt Dunaj, CFO & VP of Operations, Follow Your Heart
  • Tyler Whitely, Director, Transfarmation Project at Mercy for Animals 
  • Liz Ross, Founder and Executive Director, Rethink Your Food
  • Audrey Tran Lam, Environmental Health Program Manager, Center for Energy and
    Environmental Education within the University of Northern Iowa
  • Garrett Broad, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Catalysts for Sustainability
    program at Rowan University
Plant Based Foods Association
Rachel Dreskin ©PBFA

Taking action

PBFI’s work is centered on several key initiatives: 

  • The Domestic Sourcing Initiative: Connecting plant-based food companies with domestic supply network partners, collaborating with farmers, and supporting domestic production of plant-based ingredients.
  • Influencing keystone policy efforts like the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the upcoming Farm Bill.
  • Creating life cycle assessments to demonstrate the environmental benefits of plant-based foods to inform procurement and target setting for large buyers.
  • Increasing the availability of plant-based foods in institutional settings such as schools and hospitals, while supporting a strong distribution pipeline for plant-based foods.
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In addition, PBFI will collaborate with the International Plant Based Foods Working Group (IPBFWG), a coalition of trade associations representing the UK, Europe, China, India and Mexico. PBFA and PBFI will jointly exhibit at the upcoming Plant Based World Expo (Booth #235), and host a summit for IPBFWG members. 

“Fervent mission”

“We are an industry united by a fervent mission to elevate and strengthen the ever-growing community of plant-based food companies, and through the joint effort of our two organizations, the guidance of our boards, and collaboration from IPBFWG members, we have the foundation, core values, and expertise to drive change at the global level,” said Rachel Dreskin, CEO of PBFA and PBFI.

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