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ProVeg: 160 NGOs Sign Letter Urging President Biden to Promote Plant-Based Foods in Federal Facilities

Food awareness organization ProVeg US announces it and 159 other non-governmental organizations have signed a letter asking US President Joe Biden to issue an Executive Order promoting plant-based foods in federal facilities. 

“Issuing an Executive Order will set an example for the nation to follow”

The letter follows Biden’s 2022 proposal to expand plant-based and vegetarian options at federal facilities as part of the National Strategy on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health. In the letter, ProVeg and other NGOs express gratitude for the President’s commitment to update the Food Service Guidelines for Federal Facilities (FSG).

However, with less than two years left in his presidential term, the advocates state Biden has yet to fully implement the new measures in all federally owned and operated facilities. 

According to ProVeg, the US government spends about $8.8 billion every year on food purchases that mainly support the current industrial system, which is responsible for harming human, animal, and planetary health. 

US Capitol/ Congress Building

By fully implementing the FSG through an Executive Order, ProVeg argues the government can leverage its enormous spending power to support plant-based meals, which could benefit the health of millions of people, including federal employees, veterans, members of the armed services, and prison inmates.

Diverse support

The letter also calls for the Executive Order to establish a timeline for creating and implementing food procurement standards for federal agencies. In addition to ProVeg, other letter signatories include the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Harvard Law School, Mercy for Animals, the Environmental Working Group, and the American Heart Association

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“Issuing an Executive Order will set an example for the nation to follow by prioritizing human health, sustainability, and animal welfare,” says ProVeg US Policy and Campaigns Manager Lana Weidgenant. She adds, “The impact of the food system is staggering, but this impact can be significantly reduced with a few simple changes, such as in the area of food procurement.”

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