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Foody’s and Cocuus Join Traditions with 3D-Printed Plant-Based Tripe

Food tech companies from Navarra, Spain — Foody’s and Cocuus, — leaders in plant-based food 3D bioprinting, have developed an unusual meat analog with hydrogels and printing tech: the first 3D bioprinted plant-based tripe in the world.

Tripe, the edible lining from the stomachs of cows or pigs, is the main ingredient of a traditional and popular Spanish stewed dish called callos. 

Recreating emblematic dishes sustainably and ethically, such as the plant-based tripe, indicates that technology and traditions are not at odds, argues Cocuus, which unveiled its NPD at the company’s San Fermín lunch — a historically rooted celebration held annually in the city of Pamplona, where people chase running bulls and eat traditional meat dishes.

“We believe that technology is not at odds with tradition, so through a hydrogel specially designed to look and taste like tripe we generated edible pieces,” shared Coccus on LinkedIn.

Foodys vegan foie gras
© Foody’s

Endless plant-based analogs

The companies will not commercialize the vegan tripe, it was only created to show the potential of 3D bioprinting technology, reports local media Navarra Capital.

In May, the companies launched the world’s first industrial-scale plant-based food bioprinting plant after signing an agreement: Foody’s would be responsible for industrializing and marketing Cocuus’s 3D bioprinted alt meat under the Foody’s & Cocuus brand.

Foody’s & Cocuus’s first product is 100% plant-based bacon — with less fat, without gluten or soy — expected to hit the market this summer. Its production is estimated to reach 1,000 tons per year. Shrimp, salmon, octopus, foie, and tuna will be among other plant-based products that these companies plan to commercialize. 

Foody’s has already launched other plant-based products, including the “first” vegan foie gras produced at an industrial scale in Spain.

“With this project, we have shown the world that we can produce a more sustainable and nutritious analog to vegan tripe, but the possibilities offered by this technology are endless,” told Navara Capital,  Patxi Larumbe, founder and president of Cocuus.

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