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MeaTech 3D Files Patent Pending in USA For Novel Bioprinting Method to “Significantly Enhance” Manufacturing of Cultivated Meat

MeaTech 3D Ltd today announces that it has filed a provisional patent application in the United States Patent Office. The filing of this provisional patent application directly relates to MeaTech’s cellular agriculture 3D bioprinting goals to produce premium cuts of cell-based meat. If approved, MeaTech believes this patent could significantly enhance manufacturing processes for cultivated meat.

“As a 20-year veteran of the printing industry, I recognize the significant potential this patent application holds”

The novel technology allows for significant control during in situ inkjet printing of each droplet size, the volume of droplets, and the precise placement of the droplets onto a sacrificial substrate layer.

MeaTech production line

MeaTech believes these attributes could allow for bioprinting resolutions that are highly advantageous in achieving premium, thick meat emulating products. In addition, MeaTech believes that this innovative method could introduce important bioprinting flexibilities, such as increased printing speeds and the capability to use varied inks with greater viscosity, that are traditionally difficult to bioprint.

To date, MeaTech has a portfolio of six provisional and non-provisional patent applications with the USPTO and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) filed through the PCT. The patents are in two main areas, mechanical and biological, covering MeaTech 3D’s activities, products and much of its supply chain, both pre- and post-processing.

Sharon Fima, CEO of MeaTech, states today: “This novel technique for achieving more controlled, higher resolution printing may prove to be a promising path forward towards achieving high-throughput, large-scale cultivated meat production. As a 20-year veteran of the printing industry, I recognize the significant potential this patent application holds, as it directly addresses key challenges currently facing the bioprinting industry.”

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