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Mexican Company LIALT Eliminates Animal Testing Through 3D Fabrics

The Laboratory for Alternative Research (LIALT) was created in 2017 to eliminate the mistreatment, suffering and death of animals used for the toxicological evaluation of all types of products used for human consumption, including chemicals, medicines, cosmetics and household products.

The Mexican organisation replaces the use of animals by using three-dimensional tissues made from human cells in conjunction with internationally recognized protocols. These protocols provide more specific information on the mechanisms of toxic action than that obtained from animals, eliminating the requirement to test on animals.

Since the beginning of its operations, LIALT has succeeded in replacing a total of 2164 animals (rabbits, guinea pigs and mice) that have neither suffered nor died in a testing laboratory.

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“We are very proud to share that we are pioneers in offering non-animal testing in our country, being able to offer brands large and small the option of testing their samples within the country, without the need to export them or simply not doing so because the costs are too high at the time,” Xitlali Garcia, founder of LIALT, told vegconomist Español.

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