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Redefine Meat Raises $29M For Commercial Launch of its 3D Printed Alt Meat

Israel’s Redefine Meat today announces the completion of a $29 million USD to expand its alt meat portfolio and support its commercial launch and the large-scale production facility for its industrial 3D Alt-Meat printers, both set for later this year. The company’s patented technology produces sustainable plant-based meat products which reportedly offer a taste and mouthfeel indistinguishable from animal meat.

Last month, Redefine Meat carried out the largest-scale public blind-tasting of its alt-meat products to meat-eaters, along with its newly formed strategic partnership Best Meister, who will distribute the company’s Alt-Meat products commercially to Israeli restaurants and high-end butchers this year. The results of the taste testing showed consumer feedback as overwhelmingly positive in terms of taste, texture, and mouthfeel – with over 90% acceptance rate.

Redefine Meat steak
©Redefine Meat

“We are thrilled to have concluded this round of funding with such a unique and diverse group of highly experienced, professional investors who share our vision,” says Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and Co-founder of Redefine Meat. “This funding, which was concluded faster and better than we could have imagined a year ago, is a major step towards becoming the world’s biggest alternative meat company by 2030.”

Ben-Shitrit concludes: “We want to change the belief that delicious meat can only come from animals, and we have all the building blocks in place to make this a reality: high-quality meat products, strategic partnerships with stakeholders across the world, a large-scale pilot line under construction, and the first-ever industrial 3D Alt-Meat printers set to be deployed within meat distributors later this year.”

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