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Steakholder Foods Unveils Customizable 3D Modeling Software for Clients

Israeli deep-tech food company Steakholder Foods Ltd. (Nasdaq: STKH), known for its 3D bio-printing technologies, today announces the launch of its proprietary Light CAD Editor for use by clients.

The software works alongside the company’s fusion printers, enabling clients to create, test, and optimize 3D models and fibrous textures for its 3D bioprinters, without the need for third-party software or extensive computer-aided design (CAD) training.

After revealing the world’s first 3D bio-printed cultivated fish prototype — a ready-to-cook grouper fillet, printed with customized bio-inks utilizing grouper cells provided by Umami Meats — Steakholder (formerly MeaTech 3D) went on to announce in May its plans to provide 3D bioprinters and bioinks to B2B meat manufacturers and cultivated meat producers.

steakholder food's 3D printing machine
© Steakholder Foods

Furthermore, this July the company signed a multi-million-dollar agreement in the Middle East with the Gulf Cooperation Council to establish a ‘first-of-its-kind,’ large-scale production facility in the Persian Gulf.  

Steakholder Foods’ Chief Engineering Officer, Itamar Atzmony, comments: “We know from experience that designing the best 3D-printed meat products involves a lot of trial and error, and that our customers need the tools to optimize their offerings. That’s why we’re not just offering 3D printing; we’re offering a comprehensive solution that allows our clients to customize like never before. As we move closer to commercial-scale production, this software will undoubtedly become an invaluable asset in creating products that truly meet consumer demands.”

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