Choopoons Releases New Plant-Powered Line of Gut-Friendly Drinks, Yogurts and Dressing

Simply Free by Choopoons
© Choopoons LLC

Simply Free is a new line of drinks, yogurts and dressings, produced by New York-based Choopoons, which is working to enrich digestive and gut health through delicious food

Digestive wellness is one of the year’s hottest trends, and today’s consumer is demanding gut-friendly products that not only taste great but are also plant-based and deliver functionality. Driven largely by millennial consumers, demand for digestive-oriented products has soared, with probiotics alone expected to become a $50 billion market by 2020, according to BCC Research.

“Partly because so many Americans are on low-carb diets that can exclude important nutrients, fewer than 3 percent get the minimum recommended daily fiber intake,” says Chris Lee, marketing director for Simply Free’s parent company, Choopoons.

“We set out to prove that plant-based drinks, yogurts and dressings can combine functionality and great taste—and we’re winning. Our products offer up to 50 percent of daily fiber intake, with a unique and much more effective combination of fiber, omega 3’s, probiotics, prebiotics and antioxidants, which work much more effectively together.”

Simply Free Wellness Drinks are now available in Banana Cinnamon, Strawberry, Mango and Cold Brew. Yogurts are available in Banana Cinnamon, Mango, Pineapple and Raspberry. Dressings are available in Spicy Feta Dill, Spicy Harissa, Zesty Garlic and Lime and Moroccan Spiced Lemon.