EDEKA Adds Vegan Burger and Mince to New Range “No Meat. Just…”

No Meat. Just

EDEKA in Germany is expanding its vegan range with its newly launched plantbased brand “No Meat. Just…” to include frozen burger patties as well as fresh burger patties and fresh minced meat from the chiller cabinet.

According to the 2019 nutrition report of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, around six percent of the population in Germany is vegetarian, one percent is vegan. EDEKA’s range is catering to these groups but, as is the norm, primarily to the flexitarian category.

The frozen “No Meat. Just Burger” consists of a mix of pea proteins, rapeseed oil, herbs and spices and is also gluten-free. The fresh vegan burger patties contain soya proteins, sunflower oil, herbs and spices. The mince product – “No Meat. Just Hack.” – hack being German for mince – is  a fibrous texture made of soy proteins.

All “No Meat. Just…” products carry the vegan seal of the European Vegetarian Union. The new products are now available across Germany from EDEKA.