French Designer Starck Uses Apple Cores as Leather Alternative

Cassina Croque la Pomme, Starck
©Philippe Starck

Innovative French designer Philippe Starck has created a collection of furniture for Cassina that have been upholstered in a vegan fabric.

The material used is Apple Ten Lork, a vegan alternative to leather which made from apple cores and skins, an industrial waste product. It is completely biodegradable and sustainable substitute for leather.

The apple skin material is manufactured by Italian company Frumat which has also created fabrics for notebooks, handbags, shoes, and designer clothes.

“The idea was to transform biological industrial residuals into a new raw material and to develop with them innovative materials with highly sustainable, bio-based fundamentals,” said Frumat. “Those residuals, classified as special waste, otherwise got put in landfill or in some cases are burned.”

Starck is hoping to inspire consumers to think about the materials used for the products they purchase.

The installation is on show at Cassina Paris Rive Gauche from 17th to 30th January.