From Vegetarian to Vegan: BOCA Launches First Vegan Burger

© Kraft Heinz Company

Until recently, BOCA, a subsidiary of Kraft-Heinz, only sold vegetarian burgers. Now the food company is introducing its first vegan burger, the “Original Turk’y Veggie Burger”.

The 100% vegan Turkey Burger is a reaction by Kraft-Heinz to a petition from the animal welfare organisation Compassion Over Killing (COK), which urged the company to make all BOCA products completely plant-based in the future. The organization collected almost 50,000 signatures with the petition. In future, BOCA brand products will not contain any cow’s milk or other animal traces.

An estimated 300 million turkeys are killed every year in the USA alone, with an increasing number of consumers now turning their backs on meat. By switching from vegetarian to vegan, BOCA is setting an example not only to the meat industry but also to the dairy industry, and thus promoting plant-based substitute products that have many health benefits.