• Sustainable Smalls! Kent Introduces World’s First Compostable Underwear

    Standard undergarments can take over 200 years to decompose due to the plastic fibers they often contain, such as nylon or elastane. In response, LA’s Kent has introduced the world’s first verified compostable underwear. Founded by “Conscious Canadian” Stacey Anderson, the 100% organic, plant-based underwear composts in 90 days, “feeding the soil and growing new plants (or future pants)”.

    Using the wonderful tagline “Plant your pants”, the California company makes a full range of briefs which completely break down and return nutrients to the soil. In doing so, Kent hopes to create a sort of closed-loop system where the raw materials used come from the earth are returned to it as well.

    © KENT

    To prove the effectiveness of her underwear, Kent worked with LA Compost. Their work together confirmed that the garments dissolve and break down into natural compounds in just 90 days, revitalizing the soil.

    The undergarments are available to purchase at Madewell.

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