CRAVE Launches the “UK’s First” Gluten-Free & Vegan Doughnuts for Air Fryers

UK free-from food brand CRAVE has announced the launch of its first frozen product, a pack of six sugar ring doughnuts that are vegan and free from gluten and dairy. Called CRAVE Dodoughs, the doughnuts are said to be the first in the UK to feature air fryer instructions on pack. They are formulated to withstand high cooking temperatures, and can be prepared in an air fryer in just five minutes. They can also be microwaved in 30 seconds. “We’ve been working on these bad boys for a few months now and I’m super excited to bring sweet and fluffy treats to the masses,” said CRAVE founder Rob Brice. “Fresh doughnuts can often go hard and stale quite quickly, but that won’t be a problem …


Boermarke plant-based cheeses

© Boermarke

Boermarke Develops “Breakthrough” Plant-Based Cheeses With Added Protein

Dutch dairy alternatives producer Boermarke has announced the development of a new range of plant-based cheeses with added vitamins and 10% protein. Described as a “breakthrough”, the protein-rich products are made with a fermentation process to replicate the taste and texture of cheese. The range features three flavours — Gouda, Cumin, and Mediterranean — all with a Nutriscore of either B or C. This indicates that they are high in fibre and low in saturated fat and salt. The plant-based cheeses will launch at select retailers across Europe on June 1, and will be available to taste at the PLMA trade show in Amsterdam from May 28-29. Boermarke will be in Hall 5 at stand C.13. “Healthy and delicious” Previously a conventional dairy producer, Boermarke …


Waring, a trusted source for high-performance kitchen appliances for more than 85 years, today announces the introduction of the Planit POD Fermentation System

© Waring

This Planit POD Fermentation System, Called the “Ultimate Industry solution”, Creates Vegan Analogs On-Site in 24 Hours 

Waring (previously Waring Commercial), a renowned US kitchen appliance brand with over 85 years in business, has partnered with the Californian company Planit Protein to introduce the Planit POD Fermentation System: a fermentation chamber appliance that comes with plant protein blends and organic cultures. Developed by Waring and described as the ultimate industry solution, the innovative Planit POD ferments and pasteurizes traditional vegan proteins, such as tempeh, meat analogs, or koji (up to 8lbs) on-site in just 24 hours, providing chefs with fresh fermented menu items made with clean ingredients.  To make fermenting simple, convenient, and profitable, the system uses Planit Protein’s shelf-stable, soy-free plant blends and proprietary organic culture produced at scale in the US by Sylvan Bio. Waring General Manager and Senior Vice President …


Myco Hooba burgers

Image credit Daz Mack

MYCO Launches First Burgers and Sausages Made from ‘Hooba’ Oyster Mushroom Protein

Burgers and sausages created from its proprietary “Hooba” protein from oyster mushrooms have been launched by UK producer MYCO after a year of development. 10,000 burgers and 20,000 Hooba sausages have initially been produced for the launch, which was pre-announced in February. The Yorkshire company states it has agreed listings with multiple suppliers, including leading artisanal and plant-based wholesalers, and that it has been in “pre-launch discussions with a range of retailers with the view of stocking and using Hooba”, though does not reveal at this point the names of the suppliers or retailers. Hooba and the products created from Hooba protein are manufactured under the same roof as the vertical farm where the oyster mushrooms are grown. Since this leads to a reduction in …


Dr. Foods vegan truffle butter, caviar, and foie gras

© Dr. Foods

Japan’s Dr. Foods Adds Vegan Truffle Butter to Range of Plant-Based Delicacies

Japanese food tech company Dr. Foods has announced the launch of its vegan truffle butter, which is ready for B2B distribution in Japan and internationally. The truffle butter is made with Italian summer truffle from Tuscany, combined with a proprietary plant-based butter made from Italian extra virgin olive oil. Dr. Foods has previously launched vegan foie gras and caviar, and says the truffle butter will complete its lineup of alternatives to “the world’s top three delicacies”. The company has already held tasting sessions for all three products in the U.S., Singapore, the Netherlands, Thailand, and the UAE. The response has been positive, and Dr. Foods will now make “full-scale efforts” to export the delicacies to hotels and restaurants worldwide. Since September 2023, 160,000 servings of …


Do Goodly

© Do Goodly

Welsh Brand Do Goodly Secures Tesco Listing for Plant-Based Meal Pots

Do Goodly, a plant-based dip brand based in Wales, has secured listings for four of its products at Tesco supermarkets across the UK. The launch includes three meal pots — Chip Shop Curry, Mushroom Carbonara, and Mac and Greens — along with a Chip Shop Curry Sauce. The meal pots count as one of the five recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and contain no added sugar. They are also low in fat and provide a source of protein. This is not Do Goodly’s first partnership with Tesco — the retailer began stocking three of the brand’s dips (Nacho Cheeze, Smashed Pea Guacamole, and Mighty Beetroot Borani) at 50 Welsh stores last year. Do Goodly was also recently accepted into Tesco’s accelerator program. “We …


Squeaky Bean launches snacks and mealkits

© Squeaky Bean

Squeaky Bean Innovates Yet Again with Launch of Snacks and Meal-Kits into Tesco

Squeaky Bean, a UK brand known for its market-leading ready-to-eat vegan alternatives, is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of a meal kit and a line of alt meat snacks, further enriching the UK plant-based category with interesting savory options. The launch includes the Hoisin Duck Style Pancakes Meal Kit and a range of snack-sized offerings: Southern Fried Straws, Duck and Hoisin Style Bites, and BBQ Pork Style Rolls. These innovations stem from targeted consumer research which revealed a significant market demand, paving the way for their availability in select Tesco stores and online starting May 13th. An impressive list of innovations and new categories This newest launch comes as the latest in an impressive list of innovations from the brand, including, in just the …


Tacotarian launches range of taco fillers

© Tacotarian

Mexican Chain Tacotarian Debuts Shelf-Stable Vegan Taco Fillings Including Beyond Meat Birria

Tacotarian, the plant-based taqueria chain, is launching a line of shelf-stable vegan taco fillings that are ready to heat and eat, in response to what the chain describes as the growing demand for sustainable, plant-based foods. The line debuts with two products — Jackfruit Barbacoa and Jackfruit Birria made with Beyond Beef — which are high-protein and non-GMO. A recent study spanning over a decade from 2012 to 2022 found that while most Americans view plant proteins as healthier, their consumption of animal-based products remains prevalent. As such, the offer of a convenient, easy-to-cook version of a snack of which Americans consume 4.5 billion annually, provides a simple swap for consumers looking to reduce their meat intake and increase the level of plants in their …


Chunk Foods steak

© Chunk Foods

Chunk Foods Introduces Largest Plant-Based Meat Slab and Cubed Cuts at NRA Show

Chunk Foods, a producer of plant-based whole cuts, will introduce two new products at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this month. The unveiling will include the “largest plant-based meat slab,” designed primarily for briskets, and a cubed version tailored for fast-casual dining experiences. These new products, known as Chunk Cubes and Chunk Slabs, aim to simplify the integration of plant-based options into traditional dishes. According to the company, The Slab, weighing over three pounds, is the largest of its kind on the market and suitable for a variety of cooking methods, including smoking, grilling, and tableside carving. Meanwhile, the Chunk Cubes are positioned as versatile additions to dishes such as salads or bowl toppings. Following the success of the Chunk Steak in US …


THIS plant-based chicken thighs


THIS Launches Hyper-Realistic Plant-Based Chicken Thighs With Seaweed “Skin”

UK plant-based meat brand THIS has launched what are claimed to be the first plant-based chicken thighs to be available in supermarkets across the country. Described as “hyper-realistic”, the plant-based thighs combine three patent-pending technologies to replicate the complex three-dimensional structure of meat. Extrusion technology is used to give soy and fava bean protein a fibrous meat-like texture, olive oil-based fat provides juiciness, and a seaweed layer replicates the structure and texture of chicken skin. The plant-based chicken thighs are sold in packs of four and can be pan-fried or oven-cooked. They are high in protein and fibre, and can be used in dishes such as traybakes, burgers, and curries. “Reinventing plant-based dining” THIS has already launched three other plant-based chicken products this year — …


Duke's launches Plant-Based Mayo

© Duke's

Duke’s Plant-Based Mayo, a Vegan Version of the Southern Condiment with a Cult Following

With the tagline, “It’s got twang”, Duke’s Mayonnaise is the third-largest mayonnaise brand in the United States after Hellmann’s and Kraft, and is prominent in the southern US states where it has a cult following and some fans even sporting Duke’s tattoos. In addition to the US, Duke’s Mayonnaise is available in New Zealand, Australia and the Middle East. Yesterday, the fan-favorite brand announced the launch of a vegan mayo for foodservice, and what’s more, it’s sugar-free, making it suitable for diabetics. “Best vegan mayo I ever had” Chef Trevor Knotts, corporate chef at The Daily in Richmond, VA, has declared the product as the “Best vegan mayo I ever had.” After a taste test, he said he “would never know it was vegan. Doesn’t feel …


Seitan Wings, The Tofoo Co

Seitan Wings © The Tofoo Co

The Tofoo Co to “Bring Excitement Back to the Category” with New Seitan Products in Collab with Temple of Seitan

The Tofoo Co, the UK’s no.1 tofu brand, has launched a line of innovative seitan products in collaboration with London-based vegan restaurant chain The Temple of Seitan. The seitan range debuts initially with two products: Original Seitan, a chicken-flavored seitan block which is already available in The Temple of Seitan’s award-winning restaurants, and Pepperoni Seitan, a smoky and spicy pepperoni alternative, which will roll out into retail this month. Tofoo MD Dave Knibbs believes the new products will shake up the Meat Free category after a difficult year. “The launch of our new Seitan products represents a real opportunity in natural, meat-free ingredients. Over the last few years, there’s been a lack of real innovation in the Meat-Free category, and this has led to a …


JUST Egg breakfast burritos

© JUST Egg

JUST Egg Debuts Frozen Plant-Based Breakfast Burritos in GIANT Stores

JUST Egg is rolling out a new line of plant-based breakfast burritos, available initially in select states before a broader US release scheduled for July 2024. The company announced that these burritos aim to redefine expectations for frozen breakfast convenience, calling them “frozen burritos that don’t suck.” The new breakfast items are hand-wrapped and hand-filled with 100% plant-based ingredients and fluffy JUST Egg. Each burrito contains over 10 grams of plant-based protein and is free from cholesterol, soy, and artificial flavors. The lineup includes two flavors: a spicy Southwest variant with rice, beans, poblano peppers, and chipotle sauce and a Skillet option with roasted potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and dill. Meeting the demand for convenience According to a report from Supermarket News, convenience is one of …


Nasoya plantspired chicken

© Nasoya

Nasoya Launches Plant-Based Chicken Bites at Albertsons and Meijer

Nasoya, an American-based tofu brand, has introduced a new product under its Plantspired range: Plant-Based Chick’n. This new product line is now available at Albertsons and Meijer stores, offered in two Asian-inspired flavors: Kung-Pao and Bee-Free Honey Garlic. Pulmuone, the South Korean parent company of Nasoya, is one of the world’s leading producers of tofu. It launched the Plantspired line under the Nasoya brand in 2022 and has since expanded the line to include plant-based steak in a variety of flavors and Toss’ables pre-baked tofu bites. According to the company, the Plantspired Plant-Based Steak saw a significant sales increase of 155% in 2023. Expansion of the Plantspired range Director of Marketing Communications and Consumer Insights at Pulmuone, Ellen Kim, commented on the expansion: “We are …


Danone expands Alpro range as part of strategic move towards plant-based

© Alpro/Danone

Danone Continues “Strategic Move Towards Plant-Based” With New High Protein Alpro Products

As the company continues to move towards plant-based foods, multinational food corporation Danone has recently launched a range of new dairy-free products in the UK under its Alpro brand. Earlier this year, Danone completed the conversion of one of its dairy yogurt production facilities in France into an oat milk facility. The conversion was announced in 2021 as the market for plant-based products continued its trajectory. As initially reported by The Grocer, Alpro has launched four new Plant Protein products — drinks in chocolate and original flavours and yogurt alternatives in red fruit and tropical fruit varieties. The range will be supported by a major £2 million marketing campaign running from April to June. Additionally, Alpro has introduced smaller pack sizes for two popular milk …


omami sweet chilli flavour chickpea tofu

© omami

New Berlin Startup omami Debuts with Tofu Made from Chickpeas

omami, a young startup from Berlin not, of course, to be confused with Umiami, Umami Bio, Umaro, Yamami, or any other Oms or Ums, debuts with a chickpea tofu product in four varieties. Founded by Christina Hammerschmid in October 2023, omami tofu is made with carefully selected ingredients sourced exclusively from Europe. The products are produced in the company’s own production facility and the company guarantees short supply chains. Chickpea-based tofu caters to consumers with allergies and unable or unwilling to consume soy products, or are simply interested in a novel protein, and has become a popular solution in recent years. Other chickpea-based tofus currently available on the market include products from Big Mountain in Canada; Franklin Farms in the US; Moonbeans of Illinois; Bronhill …


Pieminister Banger & Bean Handy Pie

© Pieminister

Pieminister Partners With THIS to Launch Vegan Sausage & Bean Handy Pie

British pie company Pieminister has partnered with plant-based meat brand THIS to develop a new product, the sausage roll-shaped Banger & Bean Handy Pie. Designed to be eaten on the go, the pie contains THIS™ Isn’t Pork sausages, haricot and cannellini beans, and smoky tomato sauce, all encased in flaky pastry. It takes 15 minutes or less to heat up, and can also be eaten cold. Unlike many competitors, the pie is said to have generous quantities of filling, with no “dreaded air pocket”. The new launch follows the success of Pieminister’s previous collaboration with THIS; last year, the companies co-developed the THIS Isn’t a Chicken and Bacon Pie, featuring plant-based meat in a smoky, creamy sauce. Like THIS, Pieminister is a certified B Corp, …


Verstegen's legume mix for meat alternatives over baked eggplants.

© Verstegen Spices & Sauces

Dutch Spice Specialist Verstegen, Flavoring Meat Since 1886, Enters Plant-Based Meat Market with Ready Mixes

After three years of R&D, Verstegen Spices & Sauces, a Dutch family business flavoring meat, chicken, and fish since 1886, has launched Kneed & Klaar, a new range of 100% plant-based meat mixes at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Described as convenient and perfect for preparing a quick and delicious meal any time, the Kneed & Klaar mixes allow customers to prepare a meat alternative in minutes by simply adding water and oil, kneading, and cooking.   “This way you can grab a plant-based meat substitute from your pantry at any time!” Verstegen says.  Unique taste profiles The Kneed & Klaar lineup includes Plant Burgers in Classic and Jalapeño flavors, Easy Meatballs in Classic and Indian spices, and Legume Mince in Classic, Italian, and Spicy options, each offering a “unique” taste …


Vegan calamari rings on a plate

© Vrave

Spanish Seafood Producer Aguinamar Partners with Vrave to Launch Vegan Calamari in Major Retailers

In another collaboration between a traditional food company and a food startup, the Spanish seafood producer Angulas Aguinaga Group, via its brand Aguinamar, has partnered with Grin Grin Foods (which recently rebranded to Vrave) to launch its first plant-based product, Aros de Mar, a vegan calamari. With Aros de Mar, Aguinamar is adding a vegan option to its lineup of easy-to-prepare seafood products, expanding into the growing plant-based seafood category. The new alternative will be available in Carrefour and Alcampo at the end of April. The product is konjac-based, providing quality and texture to the calamari alternative while offering a good amount of fiber and a few kilocalories. It is suitable for pan frying, baking, or air frying, allowing it to obtain a crunchy and firm texture. Konjac …


© Migros

Migros Launches Upcycled Meat Alternatives Made From Spent Brewer’s Grain

Swiss supermarket chain Migros has partnered with Circular Food Solutions to launch a new range of upcycled meat alternatives. The products are made from spent brewer’s grains, a byproduct of the barley used in beer production. The grains, rich in nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, and fibre, are combined with Swiss-grown peas and wheat to produce the meat alternatives. There are currently three products in the range: burgers, mince, and marinated pieces. The meat alternatives have been developed using Circular Food Solutions’ technology, which aims to help companies take advantage of the growing demand for plant-based foods while making better use of resources. The technology is said to produce alt meats with “a unique fiber texture, taste, and elasticity”. The new products are part of …