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Singapore Opens Clean Meat Laboratory

On June 19th, a $110 million facility was opened in Singapore to produce Clean Meat. The laboratory “WIL@NUS”, created as a result of a collaboration between the agribusiness group Wilmar International Limited, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the National Research Foundation in Singapore, is dedicated to the task of producing meat in the laboratory.

The 2,000 square meter facility on the NUS campus will focus on the research and development of synthetically produced meat. The production of cultured meat on a cellular basis is expected to be cheaper and more sustainable than conventional animal rearing in the future. The new innovations are particularly intended to help the region create a healthy alternative to meat. This innovative approach to the production of Clean Meat will offer food alternatives that especially appeal to the younger generations. But with regards to the older generation, the health benefits of cultivated meat are becoming increasingly relevant. The focus here is on public health and the creation of a healthier diet.

On the opening day, Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat announced that he was looking forward to the food from the laboratory and the healthier properties that distinguish Clean Meat. He also emphasises the possibility of more sustainable production, which has positive effects not only for people but also for the environment.

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