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Roquette: New Vegan Pea Protein for Meat Alternatives

The French family business Roquette hopes to become a market leader in vegetable proteins with the introduction of the new vegan pea protein NUTRALYS T70S. With this product, the company is counting on the ever-increasing number of vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians. As well as pea protein, some Roquette products are made from other raw materials such as corn, wheat and potatoes. The company is responding to the trend among many consumers of consuming more meat substitutes in order to have a healthy, sustainable diet.

This trend is also reflected in the figures. Plant-based products recorded an annual growth rate of 60% between 2012 and 2016. Marc Renaud, European Market Manager at Roquette, believes that the taste and texture of meat-free products is a key factor in the transition to a meat-free diet. Roquette continues to grow in popularity, as does the demand for vegan pea protein. NUTRALYS T70S is 70% protein, which is of interest to many consumers.

NUTRALYS T70S offers a consistency similar to what consumers are used to with traditional meat, says Marie Blondel, Roquette’s marketing manager. As a result, NUTRALYS T70S is an ideal meat substitute for burgers, chicken fillets, sausages and even fish.

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