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Like a Dating App for Jobs: AI Matchmaking Service Aims to Revolutionize Hiring in Alt Protein Industry

Tälist, a leading global provider of talent solutions for the alternative protein industry, has announced the launch of its AI-powered matchmaking platform, AltProtein.Jobs. Utilizing advanced AI algorithms, the platform connects job seekers and employers, ensuring fast and precise matches. This initiative aims to accelerate the industry and contribute to a sustainable food system.

“Finding the best candidates can be just as challenging as finding the right partner”

Tälist’s AI-powered matchmaking platform is set to transform hiring in the alt protein industry, say the founders. The groundbreaking AI-driven service at is designed specifically to facilitate connections between candidates and employers within the sector.

Since its launch just a few weeks ago, Tälist reports 25,000 successful candidate-job matches:

  • 25,000 matches with a compatibility score of 7 or higher
  • 9,400 matches with a score of 8 or higher
  • 2,000 matches with a score of 9 or higher (out of 10)

This innovative approach promises to revolutionize hiring in the industry by connecting companies and candidates with greater efficiency and precision, eliminating bias from the process.

alt protein jobs on screen
© Tälist

Like a dating app, but for alt protein jobs

The listings encompass food science and technology jobs to manufacturing, marketing, and business development, from entry-level positions for recent graduates to senior positions for professionals. Much like dating apps, the platform’s algorithms calculate matching scores and showcase compatibility.

“By leveraging advanced AI technology, we create efficient, precise, and unbiased connections between alt protein companies and candidates, ensuring the perfect match for both,” says Pia Voltz, Founder & CEO of Tälist.

“Finding the best candidates can be just as challenging as finding the right partner. We bring the concept of dating platforms to HR,” says Voltz. “Thanks to our platform AltProtein.Jobs, companies can find qualified candidates who also fit in culturally. This leads to higher satisfaction and long-term success.”

“Our AI-based algorithms compare the skills, experience, and preferences of candidates with the specific requirements of open roles, calculate matching scores, and indicate compatibilities (and incompatibilities),” says Oliver Boldt, CTO of Tälist. “This involves processing volumes of data that are impossible for humans to handle. The result is a more successful and efficient recruitment strategy that saves both time and resources.”

alt protein jobs
© Tälist


Tälist’s mission is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable food system by connecting companies in the space with top talent from around the world.

Actively approaching suitable candidates and pre-selecting relevant profiles from a large number of applications are among the most time-consuming and inefficient steps, explains Voltz. Tälist’s AI-supported matchmaking simplifies this by quickly presenting prescreened, suitable candidates, at a fraction of the cost of conventional headhunting firms. In addition, Tälist also offers premium job advertisements and industry-specific recruitment services.

“Their job board is one of the best resources for anyone searching for new career opportunities as well as for companies advertising their open roles,” adds Albrecht Wolfmeyer, Director, ProVeg Incubator.

While the service is completely free for candidates, employers can now save 30% using this exclusive voucher code during check-out: MATCH30. Candidates and companies can sign up for free here.

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