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ALDI Germany to Stock Veganz Products from End of September

From 26th September, the German discount giant ALDI will include various products from the popular vegan brand Veganz in its range as promotional items. Both ALDI NORD and ALDI SÜD were honoured at the beginning of the year as the most vegan-friendly discounters in Germany.

Veganz kekse aldi süd

With Veganz, ALDI has added a genuine vegan heavyweight to its range on the German market: according to its own figures, the company is the market leader in the area of purely vegetable foods and the world’s only full-range supplier of purely vegetable products. Veganz has been expanding worldwide for some time and would like to establish itself firmly in markets such as the UK and China. Veganz is currently running a crowdfunding with a lucrative return on investment on Seedmatch.

The new Veganz products in the ALDI range from 26 September include: Sandwitch cream, muffins, pizza verdura, biscuits as well as the Bio Choc Bar and the Bio Snack Bar. All Veganz promotional items will initially only be available in limited quantities.

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