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Aldi UK Launches Plant-Based Smoked Salmon Slices & “Biggest Ever” Vegan Cheese Range

Aldi UK has expanded its Plant Menu range by launching plant-based smoked salmon slices and a new selection of vegan cheeses.

The No Salmon Slices are smoked over beechwood for an authentic taste and texture. They have already attracted attention from influencers, with Lilly Assender — who has over 110,000 followers on her Instagram account @foodie_lilly — saying she was “shook at how much this tasted like smoked salmon”. Meanwhile, vegan TikToker @Jadegreenvegan taste-tested the plant-based salmon and rated it 9/10, in a video that received over 12,000 likes and comments.

Cheese selection

Aldi UK has also just launched its largest-ever vegan cheese range, including three varieties of cheddar alternatives — Sliced, Grated, and Block. Additionally, there is a selection of Continental Cheese alternatives on offer, featuring four varieties — Grated Mozzarella, French Style Round Camembert, feta-style Greek Style Salad Cheese, and parmesan-style Grated Hard Cheese. All the cheeses are affordably priced at £1.99.

The chain is also currently stocking a range of plant-based cheeses by other brands, including Applewood Smoky Vegan Slices, Plant Based Babybel, and two spreadable products — Plant Based Garlic & Herb Boursin and Philadelphia Plant-Based Almond & Oat Soft Cheese.

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1,000 plant-based products

The new launches come just weeks after Aldi UK introduced its biggest ever plant-based range, featuring products such as corn dogs, vegetable fritters, ready meals, ice creams, and breakfast pastries. The retailer said it was predicting a “huge” 40% uptick in plant-based sales throughout Veganuary.

In March 2023, Aldi announced plans to expand its plant-based range to include over 1,000 products by the end of 2024. By May, the discounter said it was already close to this goal with 950 vegan-labelled products.

“Our goal is to offer our customers 1,000 plant-based product varieties spread across the year in our standard, seasonal, and promotional ranges by the end of 2024,” said Aldi in its nutrition report. “To achieve this goal, we are focusing not only on reducing the small quantities of animal-based ingredients in our products, but also on consistently expanding our vegan range.”

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