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Strive Milk is Served at the Miami Open, Becoming First Animal-Free Milk at Major Sporting Event

Strive FREEMILK Whole, an alternative milk crafted with Perfect Day‘s sustainable whey protein, is being served in partnership with Florida coffee roasters Oceana Coffee at the 2024 Miami Open.

This launch represents the first animal-free milk made with precision fermentation protein served at a major sporting event, marking a huge milestone for the alt dairy category, gaining mainstream visibility and recognition beyond just being available online or in stores.

“Our animal-free dairy milk represents a leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable and ethical milk alternatives”

Strive Nutrition Corp., the company behind Strive FREEMILK, states that its “milk-like” product will revolutionize the coffee experience at the Miami Open thanks to its rich flavor, high protein content, sustainability, and ethical standards.

MichaelAnn Cohlmia, Creative Director at Strive Nutrition, shared, “We are thrilled to introduce Strive FREEMILK to the tennis fans and coffee enthusiasts attending the Miami Open. Our animal-free dairy milk represents a leap forward in the pursuit of sustainable and ethical milk alternatives, providing consumers with a high-protein, delicious and guilt-free option to enjoy with their favorite beverages.” 

Strive FREEMILK Whole
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Discovering animal-free dairy

Strive FREEMILK Whole is described as offering a rich and sensational flavor while providing 10g of protein. The product is lactose-free and contains 66% less sugar and also less saturated fat than milk. Moreover, it is said to foam, whip, and blend like whole cow’s milk, making it an excellent coffee option. 

The Cohlmia family founded Strive Nutrition Corp to provide sustainable alternatives to animal products and combat climate change and its harmful impacts. Looking for sustainable proteins, the company partnered with Perfect Day and launched its flagship product (the whole milk), as well as two other options, FREEMILK Chocolate and Oat Barista.

Perfect Day’s whey protein, developed with precision fermentation technology, is said to be a bioidentical version of milk’s whey protein, offering a similar nutritional profile and functionalities. Its whey has launched in various products, from protein powders to beverages, and recently with Unilever’s ice cream brand Breyers in a chocolate ice cream and Bored Cow’s new drinkable animal-free yogurts.

“We discovered Perfect Day protein, which delivers all the positive taste and nutritional benefits of dairy protein but without the harmful effects of big corporate animal agriculture. Compared to conventional dairy, the Perfect Day protein production process uses 99% less water, emits 97% fewer greenhouse gases, and uses up to 60% less non-renewable energy,” Strive Nutrition Corp. states on its website.

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