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World’s 5th Biggest Dairy Company Arla Foods Relaunches JÖRĐ Brand in Sweden

Arla JÖRĐ, a relaunch of Arla Food’s 100% plant-based brand JÖRĐ, has debuted in Sweden this week, offering a range of oat-based products.

Arla JÖRD features the dairy giant’s logo, a new color scheme, and the products have a new enhanced recipe. According to The Grocer, the relaunch aims to homogenize the brand with other Arla products, including Arla Cravendale and Arla Lactofree.

Best product mix

The Swedish launch features six products, including fermented and flavored yogurts, oat drinks, and barista milk for making coffee and latte art. JÖRĐ’s range is made with Swedish oats.

The new recipe is said be packed with proteins and enriched with essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamin D, and folic acid (B9). Additionally, all the products are lactose-free and vegan-friendly. The JÖRĐ fermented oat products are said to contain live cultures that benefit gut health.

Haoran Guan, Brand Manager at Arla JÖRĐ in Sweden, shared: “We have worked hard to find the best product mix and the best flavors. Now we look forward to the Swedes finally getting to try it.”

Arla JÖRĐ's oat milk and yogurt on a bicycle's basket under the rain.
© Arla JÖRĐ

Milk and plant-based dairy

According to Arla, this expansion responds to an increasing number of consumers demanding plant-based alternatives.

JÖRĐ was launched in 2020 as part of Arla Foods’ commitment to offering plant-based dairy. The brand initially introduced three oat drinks in Denmark:  oat, oat and barley, and oat and hemp varieties.

JÖRĐ’s introduction in 2020 came after years of milk wars between the Swedish dairy industry and Oatly. During this period, Arla launched a marketing campaign mocking plant-based milk using fictional words such as ‘pjölk,’ ‘brölk,’ and ‘trölk’ to highlight that they are not ‘mjölk’ (milk in Swedish).

A glass of plant-based milk on top of a table

But as Cecilia Kocken, CEO of Arla Sweden, comments: “Milk is and remains the core of Arla’s business. But we know that many consumers today use both dairy and plant-based products. Naturally, we want to offer as wide a range as possible to our customers and give consumers the opportunity to choose a brand they already like from the shelf when they want plant-based.”

Arla has also announced plans to launch a plant-based version of Lurpak, its market-leading butter brand; as figures suggest, younger consumers opt for plant-based products.

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