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Asda Launches Range of New Plant-Based Products for BBQ Season

UK supermarket chain Asda has expanded its vegan OMV! and Plant Based By Asda ranges, launching several new products for the barbecue season.

These include the OMV! No-Pork Chilli Sausages — featuring jalapeños, red chillies, and chipotle — along with the Plant Based by ASDA Mushroom Sausages and the OMV! No Beef Burgers.

There are also some vegetable-based options, such as the Plant Based by ASDA Spiced Bean Burgers and Bombay Inspired Meat-Free Bangers (containing sweet potatoes, cauliflower, and spinach). The burgers can be served with OMV! Burger Mayo and Brioche Burger Buns.

The launches come as the weather in the UK heats up, reportedly leading to a 300% surge in Google searches for “vegetarian BBQ ideas”.

© Asda

Over 110 new products

The OMV! range launched for the first time at the beginning of this year to offer “decadent tasty treats” — everything from meat alternatives to ready meals and desserts. Asda said it would be introducing over 110 new plant-based products throughout the year; the announcement came just months after the chain unveiled its largest ever plant-based Christmas range.

Several vegan barbecue products were also introduced in 2022, including chicken-style wings, corn ribs, and koftas. To celebrate the launch of 2023’s updated barbecue range, Asda’s Senior Director of Food Trends and Innovation, Jonathan Moore, has offered some tips for plant-based barbecues.

“Cook over direct and indirect heat depending on what you are cooking and how thick it is,” he says. “When the coals are cooling slightly, you can drop vegetables like peppers and aubergine straight on and cook directly on them. This blisters the skin and adds another layer of flavour.”

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