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Australian Company Claims it Has Created “World’s First” Vegan & Organic Baby Formula

Australian company Sprout Organic has created an infant formula containing only plant-based and organic ingredients. The formula is approved by paediatricians and dieticians.

Sprout Organic formula is set to launch in Western Australia and New South Wales in May. The company has partnered with distributors Total Health and Global by Nature to make the formula available at health food stores, pharmacies, and independent supermarkets.

Many vegan formulas use soy, but this is a common allergen. To ensure its formula is suitable for as many infants as possible, Sprout Organic uses rice starch instead. This is safe for even the youngest babies.

The company, which also offers snack bars for children, says it hopes the product will eventually be available nationwide and even internationally.

Else Nutrition toddler
©Else Nutrition

Until recently, vegan formula was hard to come by, but times are beginning to change. Else Nutrition has set out to disrupt the infant nutrition market with its plant-based formula, launching at 380 retail locations across the US last year. Meanwhile, German startup I Love You Veggie Much is working on vegan baby food, as is British company Mamamade.

“Australia and New Zealand have the highest standards worldwide in regard to infant formulas and children’s products,” Sprouts Organic business manager Nadia Schilling told Yahoo News Australia. “Sprout Organic’s infant formula meets the required FSANZ standards and has been verified to this by one of the largest food legal groups in Australia.”

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