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Australia’s Largest Meal Kit Brand Hello Fresh Partners With Fenn Foods

Home delivery meal-kit market leader Hello Fresh is expanding its vegan offerings in Australia by entering a new partnership with Fenn Foods. Australian plant-based producer Fenn Foods will be supplying vEEF, its carbon neutral certified, plant-based mince. 

Hello Fresh, the largest meal-kit brand in Australia, will be utilising the plant-based meat from Fenn Foods as an ingredient in their ‘Chilli Cin Carne’ recipe. More recipes are set to be released in the near future. The move by industry leader Hello Fresh confirms the growing demand for plant-based options, as well as setting the standard for other meal delivery services.

Carbon Neutral Plant Based Mince(1)
©Fenn Foods

It is not the first time Fenn Foods has collaborated with other food producers, as it recently teamed up with Australian plant-based ready meal company Flave to introduce Fenn Foods’ vEEF into eleven of its ready meals. 

Queensland-based Fenn Foods launched its new vEEF product – the world’s first carbon-neutral, plant-based mince – in 2020, with taste and sustainability the core values at the forefront of the brand. Co-founder and CEO Alejandro Cancino explained to vegconomist in a recent interview that: “Our goal is to have the whole company and all of our products carbon neutral by 2022”. Hello Fresh is also a carbon-neutral company, hence its preference to work with Fenn Foods. 

Plant-Based in Australia

Typically Australia has been viewed as a country of meat-eaters, always ranking among the highest meat consumers on the planet. Fenn Foods’ research however shows that nearly 2.5 million Australians now have mostly or entirely vegetarian diets, and alt protein options are evolving in the country. Leading Australian supermarket Woolworths recently expanded its vegan cheese and meat options in over 1000 stores nationwide. 

“People are more interested than ever in the ethical and sustainability issues behind their food and so we’ve seen a massive rise in demand for our plant-based meat range. This trend is set to continue as large brands like Hello Fresh begin to invest in their vegetarian and vegan offerings,” stated Alejandro Cancino. 

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