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Because, Animals Launches Plant-Based Dog Cookies With Pumpkin & Nutritional Yeast

Because, Animals, a US company making plant-based and cultured pet food, has added a new flavour called Pumpkin Noochies+ to its range of dog cookies. The cookies are made with pumpkin and nutritional yeast.

They also contain beta-glucan, proven to boost immunity, as well as barley, applesauce, maple syrup, and coconut oil. They are available from the company’s website and some pet retailers.

Because, Animals has recently redesigned its e-commerce site and revamped its packaging to be made from recycled water bottles. It has also updated its logo, adding a comma to the company name.

Shannon Falconer and Taylor Brooks
Because Animals CEO, Dr. Shannon Falconer, examines animal cells with tissue scientist, Taylor Brooks, in the startup’s lab.

Last year, Because, Animals won the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize, receiving a sum of $10,000, business mentorship, and participation in a pet care business accelerator boot camp. In an interview with vegconomist in 2019, co-founder and CEO Dr. Shannon Falconer said cultured meat was “a safer and more nutritious alternative to pet food made with animal-grown meat.”

Animal-free pet food is a growing market, and companies in this area have been increasingly successful. In the UK, plant-based pet food company THE PACK has attracted a huge number of investors, as has Bond Pet Foods in the US.

“Pumpkin Noochies+ are loaded with healthy ingredients, but we’ve come to think of yeast-derived beta-glucan as a magical ingredient for immunity and promoting overall physical health,” said Falconer. “Perhaps more importantly, dogs love the winning combination of umami from nutritional yeast and the sweetness of maple syrup paired with apples, pumpkin, and barley.”



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