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Update: Bel Brands USA Unveils First Animal-Free Dairy with Nurishh Incredible Dairy and Laughing Cow Plant-Based

Update Jan 4th: Comment from Bel USA as follows. Due to unforeseen production challenges of The Laughing Cow Plant-Based, rollout in the US has been delayed. We remain excited and eager for The Laughing Cow fans to try it when it’s available on shelves.

Following the successful launches of Babybel Plant Based and Boursin Dairy-Free, Bel Brands USA announces the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant Based and Nurishh Incredible Dairy Animal Free Cream Cheese – its first animal-free product created in partnership with Perfect Day

“Consumers around the country will now be able to try kinder, greener animal-free cream cheese”

Debuting at select retailers, including Kroger and Whole Foods, the new offerings include: 

  • The Laughing Cow Plant Based – Certified plant-based and vegan, The Laughing Cow Plant Based delivers the same taste and creamy spreadability people know and love. Available in Garlic & Herb and Original at Whole Foods locations nationwide for $5.49.
  • Nurishh Incredible Dairy – Nurishh, Bel’s first dairy alternative brand, is launching an animal-free cream cheese alternative that tastes just as good as traditional cream cheese because it contains real dairy proteins. Created in partnership with Perfect Day, Nurishh Incredible Dairy is made with precision fermentation and is lactose-free. Available in Original, Strawberry and Chive & Onion flavors for $4.99 at Kroger stores nationwide starting January 1. 
Nurishh Incredible Dairy Cream Cheese
©Bel Brands USA

Breakthrough product

“This announcement marks an exciting step towards giving even more consumers the ability to try what’s possible when Perfect Day’s innovative animal-free protein is used by a best in-class dairy leader,” said Ryan Pandya, Perfect Day CEO and co-founder. “Consumers around the country will now be able to try kinder, greener animal-free cream cheese and make a delicious choice for the future of our planet.” 

“At Bel Brands USA, we’re proud to offer a wide array of products for cheese lovers everywhere regardless of their dietary and lifestyle preferences,” said Shannon Maher, Chief Marketing Officer at Bel Brands USA. 

Bel Brands USA Dairy-Free Products
©Bel Brands USA

She continued, “Building on the success and consumer excitement from Babybel Plant Based and Boursin Dairy Free, we’re thrilled to unveil new innovations from both our most well-known brand with the launch of The Laughing Cow Plant Based as well as leveraging new technology through a partnership with Perfect Day, to launch our breakthrough animal free offering with Nurishh Incredible Dairy. All of these offerings ensure fans don’t have to compromise on taste, flavor or enjoyment when it comes to any of our offerings.”

New collaborations

In addition to launching new products, the company plans to continue exploring partnerships with innovative startups to drive change in the global food industry, and create positive change for the planet. These partnerships include:

  • Perfect Day – Looking ahead, Bel says US consumers can expect more exciting innovations from Perfect Day and Bel’s collaboration. 
  • Superbrewed Food – A company developing protein-rich fermented ingredients that offer superior nutritional benefits. 
  • Standing Ovation – A French company using precision fermentation to create casein protein for firm cheeses. Bel states US consumers will start to see innovations from their partnership coming to-shelf in the next few years.
animal free-cheese made by food tech standing ovation
© Standing Ovation

“Our innovation pipeline remains strong with the development of new products and flavors, leveraging new and evolving technology with a focus on our ongoing commitment to deliver products that meet the needs of all consumers and that they can feel good about eating,” said Florian Decaux, Plant Based Acceleration Director at Bel Brands USA. “By expanding our portfolio and entering strategic partnerships, we are able to act on and embrace key insights, live responsibly, and provide delicious food that enables people to lead a good life.”

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