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BettaF!sh Launches TU-NAH Spreads into Austrian Retail

BettaF!sh, the German plant-based seafood brand, is launching its next vegan product: the new TU-NAH Spreads range. In response to high demand from the brand’s fans, the TU-NAH Spreads come in four flavors and will be rolled out first into the Austrian retail market. 

As with previous BettaF!sh products, European seaweed provides the vegan tuna alternative with what the brand claims is a realistic fish-like flavour. The company has highlighted the impact of seaweed in its products, as a sustainable ingredient cultivated without land or freshwater, requiring neither fertilizers nor pesticides. The blend is completed with European fava beans to provide a soy-free source of fibre and protein.

BettaF!sh Tu Nah tuna

BettaF!sh was named as a finalist in the Best in Positive Impact category at the International V-Label Awards 2021 and most recently launched a frozen tuna pizza with vegan mozzarella exclusively with supermarket ALDI. The new TU-NAH Spreads range is currently available as a promotional item at BILLA PLUS supermarkets across Austria.

“In less than a year, our team of product developers was able to create a delicious, vegan alternative to tuna that is helping us push the topic of saving our seas and their dwellers to the forefront,” stated co-founder Deniz Ficicioglu. 



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