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BettaF!sh to Launch TU-NAH Spreads in Five European Countries

German plant-based tuna producer BettaF!sh has hinted that its TU-NAH spreads will soon be launching in several European countries.

“Something new is coming to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and the UK soon!” co-founder Deniz Ficicioglu posted on LinkedIn, accompanied by an image of the spreads. The products come in the flavours Au Naturel, Olive, Tomato + Chilli, and Caper + Pepper.

New markets

Some flavours of the TU-NAH spreads have been available in Austria since April, and from now the products will be available in further markets. The news follows the introduction of another new product, TU-NAH Pizza, at ALDI stores across Germany and Switzerland earlier this year.

TU-NAH spreads
© BettaF!sh

BettaF!sh’s original products — a range of plant-based tuna sandwiches — are already available across several European countries. However, it appears that the new spread launch will mark the brand’s first entry into the UK market.

Seaweed-based tuna alternatives

BettaF!sh products are made with fava beans, making them soy-free. They also contain European seaweed, which is said to provide an authentic fish-like taste while improving sustainability (since neither land nor fresh water is required to cultivate it).

“In less than a year, our team of product developers was able to create a delicious, vegan alternative to tuna that is helping us push the topic of saving our seas and their dwellers to the forefront,” said Ficicioglu.

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